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Paint Correction


Quick All-In-One Polish


This option is perfect if you're not looking for paint perfection, or if your paint is already in excellent condition.  The main goal here is to enhance depth and gloss, while adding a layer of protection behind.

Starting at $200


One-Step Correction

This option is optimized for vehicles that are close to new or for paint that is in relatively good condition.  This process removes light swirl marks, light water spotting, and light scratches in the paint, while greatly enhancing the gloss and clarity of the finish.

Starting at $400

Level 3

Multi-Step Correction

This option is for those who want their paint looking as good as possible.  This more in-depth process removes medium to heavy swirl marks and marring, holograms, and paint etching (from bird droppings or very hard water spots).  Extreme gloss, depth and shine is achieved.


Starting at $800


You may know it as buffing/polishing/waxing, but the term Paint Correction refers to the skilled process of “correcting” swirls, scuffs, and scratches in a car’s finish.  It is a labor and time intensive process that can result in paint that rivals brand new condition.

Mountainside Mobile Detailing offers three levels of Paint Correction.

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