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2018 BMW M4 Ceramic Coating

This 2018 BMW M4 came to us for a full exterior detail, Level 1 Paint Correction and 1 Year Ceramic Coating application.

The salt and grime from the New Jersey winter roads was pressure washed off, and then a coating of snow foam was applied to the car. It was then safely hand washed using the two-bucket method.

After the hand wash, the paint was decontaminated using a nanoskin clay towel and a traditional clay bar. It was then dried using forced air to ensure there was no remaining water in any of the cracks.

The paint was then lightly polished using a Rupes 21 dual action polisher with a 5" backing plate. The pad of choice was a 5" Rupes Medium Yellow Wool pad, and the product used was 3D One hybrid compound. The goal here was not paint perfection, but the before and after video below shows that great results were achieved with just a quick polish.

After the paint correction was completed, the car was then wiped down using an IPA alcohol prep solution to remove any remaining polishing oils or residue. This ensures that there is nothing blocking the coating from chemically bonding to the clear coat of the vehicle.

Here is a gallery of the final result after the 1 Year Ceramic Coating was applied.

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