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Advantages of a Ceramic Coating

Mountainside Mobile Detailing is an authorized installer of OP Ceramic, a professional grade ceramic coating by Owner's Pride.

Our process for ceramic coating includes a pH balanced chemical cleansing of the paint. Then a chemical and manual processes is performed to remove of all bonded surface contaminants. We then polish your paint to your desired level of perfection. Once your paint is bare and perfect, we seal that look in for years with Owner's Pride Ceramic Coating.

Advantages of Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating:

1.Your Car will be easier to clean and stay clean longer.

2. Your Warranty is listed on CarFax and will command more money when it is time to sell. You can even transfer the remaining warranty term to the next owner.

3. With OP Exterior your paint, headlights, and wheels are covered.

4. With OP Interior, your coated surfaces are covered against UV Fade, mold and mildew, permanent stains, and even rips, burns and tears!

5. Should a claim arise, adjudication is a simple 1-800 phone call away. OP has the only compliant, filed and approved warranty in the detail aftermarket. You are covered in all of USA and Canada.

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